7 Signs Your Relationship is Mentally Exhausting

Is it time to take a break?

couple fighting showing sign that relationship is mentally exhausting


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When can you say that your relationship is mentally exhausting?

Is it when you fight for anything and everything? Or, when you don’t trust each other anymore? Or, when you reach the point that you are neglecting each other’s feelings?

Relationships have ups and downs. Misunderstanding and disagreements are part of it. Some couple knows how to handle situations like these and be able to settle it out. Long term relationships may have an advantage as couples are more experienced in handling things during arguments. Some couples, like the new ones, they may have difficulty sorting things out and ending up parting ways.

Anyone in a relationship is hoping that they can surpass any trials and problems along the way and that they could be together for a long time. But the future is unpredictable, and even if trying so hard to save the relationship, it isn’t working. Time will come, giving up and moving on is the only choice. But what are the reasons that will make you decide to end everything?

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7 Signs Your Relationship is Mentally Exhausting

A relationship that is mentally exhausting for both parties may cause failure, and here are the signs.

1. You don’t trust your partner.


The couple must trust each other. Trust is the firm belief in the reliability of your partner. It may be easy to trust someone. But once broken, it may be difficult to gain trust again.

When you lose your trust with your partner, all sorts of problems may arise. And when this happens, you will not have peace of mind. It may cause you to fight with each other every time. It is not a healthy relationship, and it might be better for the couple to find ways to build trust with each other again.

You can do counseling or any activity that will rebuild your trust. You can travel and spend time with each other. It can help both of you to reconnect again.

2. Always suspicious of one another.


Suspicions can happen in one person only or for both. It occurs when a person doesn’t trust the partner anymore, and he/she cannot move on from that issue. So every time they argue, the person will use that issue to blame their partner.

It can be mentally exhausting for your partner, especially when you are always suspecting, and they know they didn’t do anything wrong. You will try to look for more faults from your partner to prove that your suspicion is right, and it might result in stress or depression.

It would be best not to bring up past issues again to avoid making the argument even worse. You should learn from past mistakes and use them as a guide to have a better relationship with your partner.

3. Jealousy.


Jealousy is one sign that your relationship is mentally exhausting. Once jealousy is in the relationship, it is difficult to avoid it. It is the feeling of unhappiness and anger because someone that you love seems interested in another person. Also, it is the negative thinking towards your partner, thinking that they are cheating. It can be the result of past situations where your partner cheated over you. Maybe you have seen signs you think are suspicious.

The couple needs to build trust with each other to avoid jealousy. Practice not to suspect your partner every time. Give your partner privacy when it comes to their emails, social accounts, and gadgets. Always be open with your partner so they can see that you are not hiding anything from them. Communication is the best tool when dealing with jealousy. Everything can be sorted out by being honest and when you are listening with each other.

4. Fighting all the time.


It is frustrating to see couples fighting. What more if you are in that situation. There are many reasons why couples end up fighting and arguing for everything, and one of these is differences in opinions. The couple might have different thoughts about an issue, and they tend to defend what they believe is right. When they talked nicely, and they listened to each other, the misunderstanding might get settled. When both people don’t want to accept what the other says, chances are the fight might worsen.

How to handle fights that might end relationships?

When the fighting starts, try to take a pause and give yourselves time to think and breathe. It is better to talk when both of you are not angry anymore. Sometimes, we say something unnecessary and out of anger only because of our emotions. Avoid saying hurtful words, shouting, cursing, and running away from fights. Try to be calm when talking. Take turns when talking and try to acknowledge what the other person is saying. Try to set rules on how to handle arguments, so next time you can sort out issues very fast.

5. Low self-esteem.


Low self-esteem can happen in a relationship when one or both of them start saying negative things about their partner. It is unhealthy and can affect a person’s confidence.

Controlling your partner can also be harmful to any relationship and may lead to fighting. It may cause physical abuse, stress, depression, and cheating. When you are in a relationship, be the person who can uplift your partner’s mood, push them to become a person, and achieve their dreams. Help each other grow and assure each other that one’s success is an achievement as a couple.

6. The feeling of being neglected by your partner.


Emotional neglect can affect any relationships. It happens when your partner continuously fails to notice, attend to, and respond appropriately to your feelings. Identifying if the person is intentionally neglecting their partner might be difficult. It can be confused with the busy lifestyle and other problems within the relationship.

When a person started feeling neglected, it may cause misunderstanding, or worse, look for someone else’s attention. Constant communication can make the relationship stronger. Try to find time to talk about issues and problems even when both of you had a busy day. Try to be mindful of your partner’s feelings to help you identify the problem and talk it out.

7. You feel exhausted.


When it feels that there is no way to solve problems within the relationship, and finding only more issues that add up to the tension between the couple, it might cause them to feel exhausted physically, emotionally, and mentally. When you start feeling tired of your partner, you might start feeling unhappy and lose your interest. It may also cause cheating.

Try to find time for yourself, or spend some time with family and friends. It can help you to realize things about your relationship. Some times, you need time far from each other and fix personal issues alone. You might not know that you are causing problems in your relationship, but you keep blaming your partner for all your shortcomings. You and your partner can do counseling if you need help to save your relationship.

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